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Your Own Private Search Engine for MLS® Listings

PCS (Private Client Service) is a simple and easy-to-use service that provides complete, current, and accurate information on all MLS® listings in one source. It’s free, with no obligation, and is the number one source for buyers looking for a home, see graph below.

Whether you’re buying, selling or browsing, exploring the market is easy.

To set up your own PCS (Private Client Services), please go to Get PCS.

Aerial View of south of Royston  and the bay in Comox Valley 

PCS, the number one source for buyers.

  • See only what you’re interested in by creating a personal search with your criteria.
  • See the price homes sold for (not just the asking price).
  • Receive instant email alerts when something new comes on the market, or a price changes. (Unlike the public MLS or other home sites, you don’t have to go and check or re-do your search.)
  • Get complete listing information of homes you are interested in (current price, price history, days on the market, property details, photos and more).
  • No more searching websites, watching newspapers, calling on signs or visiting the real estate office.
  • For a more advanced search you can also enter factors ranging from style, size, year built, lot size, parking options, views, waterfront, workshop, additional accommodation (suites) and heating systems.
  • Multiple searches are available if you are thinking about more than one option.
  • You can make changes to your search, or unsubscribe, at anytime.

My Promise to you

If you decide to sign up for PCS I will be here to service you whenever you request it, and otherwise I will not disturb youI do a quarterly newsletter which you can unsubscribe to if you prefer.

My promise is to provide you the level of service you need, when you need it, depending on where you are in the process of buying or selling a home, and not to be a nuisance when you don’t. If you are just browsing, PCS is great for that; it allows you to get to know the market before you make any major decisions, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

If you need more information, such as trends, pricing and statics, I will provide that for you. I will be there when you need me and not in your way when you don’t. I don’t enjoy feeling pushed, and I assume you don’t either.

An artisan at the popular Comox Filberg Festival

How it works

Simply enter your search criteria (type of home, number of rooms, price range and area) in the PCS form and receive your search results, including a complete house description, photos and map:


  • Access to six tabs of detailed information
  • Sort and follow your favourites
  • View all photos
  • See location on Google map
  • Email listings to family and friends

Other features not found on the MLS site:

  • Price reductions
  • Sold price
  • Days on the market

PCS also receives listing information faster than the MLS site.

Free, no obligation, unsubscribe anytime

Using PCS is absolutely free, and you can unsubscribe at anytime. While I will require your email address and search details to set you up, I will only contact you to set up your PCS and send you a quarterly newsletter, which you can unsubscribe to if you wish. If and when your needs change, you can let me know, and I’ll be happy to work with you. See Get PCS to start your search.

     About Gerry

Information and Interpretation
Selling or buying real estate is a major financial endeavour with many factors to consider. While you have a wealth of information available to you on the internet, interpreting that information is another matter.

This is where I come in. Not only do I research and provide you the information you need, I take it to the next level and analyze and interpret that  information for you. I will tell you what I think, what we do is up to you.

As a client, your Realtor works for you, and this is a principle I hold dear.  I see my job as providing you with information, interpretation, services and guidance, not to push you on a course of action.

Unparalleled Service
I have a simple code, I don't sell, I service. I assume my clients are perfectly able to make their own decision once they have the information they need. I spend my time providing information, guiding people through the process, and making sure all the bases are covered, not in high pressure sales.

Over the years I have received very complementary feedback from clients. See Client Feedback.

Integrity, simply defined, is being honest and fair. This is further enhanced by one of a Realtor's prime duties, which is not to put anyone's interest above their clients, including their own.  This a duty I take very seriously. My personal outlook after over 30 years in business, is that whenever I experience high pressure sales I start to question the integrity of the person selling me.  Are they looking after my best interest or theirs?

Gerry Chwelos, REALTOR®


Tel: 250-8975465

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